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My Mission

My mission is to empower businesses and their leaders by creating engaging, impactful content and advising that drives tangible results. I’m dedicated to the transformative power of microlearning, ensuring that knowledge is not just acquired but applied effectively. I thrive on innovative thinking, aiming to reshape the business landscape by offering fresh perspectives, better tools, streamlined processes, and ambitious thinking.

Authenticity, engagement, resourcefulness, and an unwavering commitment to improvement are at the core of my approach. I am driven by a relentless curiosity and an insatiable hunger for knowledge. I seek to inspire growth, particularly among small businesses in the industrial manufacturing and food/beverage sectors, but I don’t dictate; I collaborate to improve and champion effective change management.

My long-term vision is to provide businesses with advice and resources that drive meaningful impact, all while nurturing a sustainable, purpose-driven enterprise. I define success through the satisfaction of clients who experience the benefits of a deeply engaged partner—one who delves into their businesses, offers human-centered solutions, and celebrates their victories, both internal and external.

When clients thrive, I thrive, and together, we redefine success.

Where I’ve Been:

In my earliest memories, I was already a budding entrepreneur. At the tender age of four, I enlisted my neighbor in a venture that, unsurprisingly, didn’t last long – a “kissing booth” set up on our street corner. Turns out, it’s a terrible business model for a preschooler. Undeterred, I embarked on a series of childhood ventures: a neighborhood recycling program, a makeshift basement coffee shop, and even a school newspaper. Entrepreneurship wasn’t just a passing interest; it was woven into my DNA.

Growing up, I spent countless hours in my grandfather’s woodshop, captivated by the world of engineering prints and draftsmanship. I thrived in shop class, sketching out inventions and devising solutions to everyday problems. My love for understanding how things worked naturally led me to startups, where I felt right at home.

As fate would have it, I found myself landing a role at a few early-stage ventures one after another, not by design but by destiny. These roles were anything but standardized; I had to carve out my niche in each one. My tasks ranged from marketing and public relations to accounting and product research – a smorgasbord of responsibilities that exposed me to the multifaceted world of business.

Navigating the startup landscape wasn’t without its challenges. I often felt like a jack-of-all-trades, grappling with a whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities. However, this very diversity led to one of my proudest moments: conceiving a patented product and securing my first trademark. It happened when a startup I worked for faced a problem. A competitor had a popular product, and we needed a similar offering, but our existing product offerings posed a challenge. Approaching the problem from a different angle, I sketched a solution in a mere 15 minutes. This experience taught me the power of asking thoughtful questions, gaining insight, and maintaining an objective perspective in problem-solving.

My journey into entrepreneurship truly crystallized when I decided to start my own marketing agency. It was born from a pivotal moment at one of the startups I worked with. Tasked with managing marketing, I rapidly achieved significant results. Yet, they decided to part ways, believing they could execute my strategy without me. It was a wake-up call that underscored my true value. I transitioned to consulting and launched my agency, channeling my expertise to help businesses unlock their potential. Over time, I’ve collaborated with over 525 companies, from scrappy startups to a Fortune 50 giant, and even lent my expertise to four entrepreneurs featured on Shark Tank and a few university and venture business accelerator programs.

My journey has been one of unrelenting curiosity, unbridled innovation, and unyielding determination. From those early harebrained ideas to guiding businesses through uncharted waters, I’ve remained committed to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the belief that with the right strategy, anything is possible. Now, as I look ahead, I’m eager to share the lessons I’ve learned, the challenges I’ve conquered, and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead on this ever-evolving entrepreneurial odyssey.

Where I’m Going:

As I look to the future, I’m driven by a singular vision: to harness the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated over two decades of startup adventures, advisory roles, and entrepreneurial endeavors and make it accessible to a broader audience. It’s a mission that’s at the heart of EntreYou, where I’m channeling my extensive experience into crafting online courses tailored for growth-stage businesses. My goal is to distill the wisdom of what works and what to avoid, drawing from my rich tapestry of interactions with clients and fellow entrepreneurs.

But my ambitions don’t stop there. I’ve ventured into the realm of innovation consulting with Innovative Revolution, guiding industrial manufacturers on the path to overcoming challenges in culture and change management. It’s a journey that’s deeply rewarding, as I offer customized solutions that bridge the gap between their current state and their aspirations.

Moreover, I’m on the precipice of launching Ethos Index, an EdTech software that empowers independent schools to heal and thrive following experiences of toxicity, turnover, tragedy, and trauma. It’s a testament to the transformative power of technology in nurturing positive change within educational institutions.

Personally, I’m committed to continuous growth and improvement, both as an individual and as a business owner. I’ve become a fixture at industry events, particularly those focused on innovation and emerging technologies, with an unwavering commitment to staying on the cutting edge. My research endeavors are paving the way for a forthcoming book that will illuminate the path to achieving superior change management outcomes in organizations.

What motivates me is the boundless realm of possibilities that lies ahead. I’m invigorated by the prospect of automating the mundane, freeing up time and mental space to explore fresh ideas and propel them into the world. My legacy, I hope, will be one that champions the power of a growth mindset—of relentlessly self-improving, holding oneself accountable, and embracing constructive feedback as the keys to accomplishing any goal.

Time is my most precious resource, and I aim to optimize every opportunity that comes my way. My ambition is to strike the delicate balance between making a mark in the dynamic startup ecosystem and nurturing the growth of established businesses. As a thought leader, I aspire to lead the charge in pioneering research that unlocks even greater innovation outcomes in the world of business.

The journey ahead is a thrilling one, fueled by an unyielding belief in what could be, rather than what is. It’s a journey I invite you to embark on with me—where knowledge, innovation, and unwavering determination converge to create a brighter, more prosperous future for businesses and individuals alike.